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Keynote & Plenary Speakers for ICSSHE 2021

Speaker I

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Prof. Xiaonan Xiao, Xiamen University Tan Kah Kee College

Prof. Xiao_Xiaonan, Ph.D. advisor, and the chair of Department of Information and Computational Science at Xiamen University Tan Kah Kee College. He is the associate dean of the College of Information Science and Technology and a member of the International Association for Biostatistics & International Statistics Association. Professor Xiao is the executive director of Biological Mathematical Society & Mathematical Society of Fujian Province. He has been awarded The Distinguished Teacher of Higher Education in Fujian Province. His expertise mainly focuses on the studies of complex systems modeling and optimal control. He has published 124 articles at important journals and 23 academic works and textbooks. He was awarded numerous nationwide and international prizes in research and teaching , including 69 research projects that have won the national , provincial, and college awards ( 33 first prizes , 13 second prizes , 10 third prizes , 13 Awards of Excellence) . 

肖筱南,教授,博士研究生导师,国际生物统计学家协会会员,国际统计学会会员,中国管理科学研究院特聘研究员,福建省生物数学学会常务理事,福建省数学学会理事,福建省高等学校教学名师,厦门大学嘉庚学院信息科学与技术学院副院长,信息与计算科学系主任。从事高等教育近四十年来,共给研究生、本科生讲授过随机过程、泛函分析、最优化理论、测度论、复变函数、实变函数、数学分析、数学物理方法、现代统计分析方法,信息开发与决策技术等十八门课程,深受学生欢迎与爱戴。教学与科研成果突出,在非线性广义随机系统与过程控制、优化、数量经济与技术经济、算法分析与设计、可靠性理论与应用、复杂系统建模与最优控制等研究领域具有很深造诣,曾多次获得过省部、学校优秀科研成果与教学成果奖,不少科研成果在国内、外处于领先水平,其中69项科研成果获得全国、省部、市以及学校奖励(一等奖33项,二等奖13项,三等奖10项,优秀奖13项),在国内外众多权威、核心学术刊物发表学术论文124篇,其中被国际著名检索刊物《SCI》、《EI》、《美国数学评论》等转摘或转载72篇,出版学术著作、教材23部(省部级优秀教材二等奖三部,北京大学出版社特别推荐优秀教材三部,校级优秀教学成果一等奖教材三部)。由于科研成果卓著,从1989年起,长期受聘担任了世界著名学术刊物Biometrics(国际著名检索刊物SCI刊源)的特约审稿专家,且多次主持组织过与美国、日本等应用数学以及数理统计学界外国专家的学术交流活动,在国内外学术界具有较高的知名度与影响。业绩曾在国际《International Biometric Society》等书刊介绍。

Title: TBD

Speaker II

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Distinguished Prof. Syh-Jong Jang, Center for General Education, Asia University, Taiwan


Syh-Jong Jang now is a Distinguished Professor at Asia University in Taiwan.  He received his PhD in Science Education from the University of Texas at Austin, USA. He served associate dean of International College and the director at Center Of Cross-Strait Academic Exchange, Asia University. He also served Co-Chair and Review Committee in the Field of Science Education of MOST, Taiwan. He was invited as Honor Lecture on Teaching in the Graduate School of Education at Peking University and Honor Lecture on Teaching in the School of Education at Shaanxi Normal University. He has been a visiting Professor at the University of Georgia, USA and FT PGDE(P) Program External Examiner-The Hong Kong Institute of Education. He has published a lot of SSCI-index research papers which focus on technology in teacher education and innovative science teaching in all levels. These published Journals include Computers in Human Behavior, Computers & Education, BJET, AJET, Educational Research, Higher Education, International Journal of Science Education, Journal of Computer Assisted Learning, etc. He also grants many research projects from Ministry of Science and Technology, Taiwan. 

Title: TBD

Speaker III

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Prof. Syed Abdul Rehman Khan
Brasi School of Supply Chain Management, USA

Dr Syed Abdul Rehman Khan is an expert of Supply Chain and Logistics Management. Dr Khan achieved his CSCP—Certified Supply Chain Professional certificate from the U.S.A. and completed his PhD in China.

Since 2018, Dr Khan is a teacher of  Logistics and Supply Chain Management. He has more than twelve years' core experience of supply chain and logistics at industry and academic levels. He has attended several international conferences and also has been invited as a keynote speaker in different countries. He has published more than 100+ scientific research papers in different well-renowned international peer-reviewed journals (SSCI/SCI and ABS listed) and conferences, including couple of research paper indexed in Essential Science Indicators (ESI). Dr Khan is the authored of 7 books related to the sustainability in supply chain and business operations. He is a regular contributor to conferences and workshops around the world. 

During the last three years, Dr Khan has won 5 different national/provincial-level research projects. Besides, Dr Khan has achieved scientific innovation awards three times consecutively by the Education Department of Shaanxi Provincial Government, China. Further, Dr. Khan is the member of project evaluation board of  APCIS – Supply Chain and Logistics, US; National Science Foundation and Ministry of Education, Oman; Science Foundation of Kazakistan; and Business Research and Service Institute, US.

Also, Dr Khan holds memberships in the following well-renowned institutions and supply chain bodies/associations: APCIS-U.S.; Production and Operation Management Society, India; Council of Supply Chain Management of Professionals U.S.; Supply Chain Association of Pakistan; and Global Supply Chain Council China.

Title: Increasing Risk of Covid-19 in Global Economy: An Empirical Study in the Context of Top Exporting Countries


This study focuses on finding the impact of communicable diseases (including COVID-19) on global economic operations in top exporting countries. The study uses a fixed effect panel estimation technique for data analysis which was extracted from the World Development Indicators and Statistica 2020 for 12 years ranging from 2007-2019 for nine top exporting countries. The results authenticate the anticipated view that high-risk diseases significantly impact supply chain operations globally. At the same time, manufacturing and logistic industries are also found to be significantly impacting the global trade operations. These results implicate that the overall international trade and logistics will prosper by improving the manufacturing and logistics industries by coping with the risk of pandemic diseases. The governments by paying attention to the efficiency of the customs clearance process, competence, and quality of logistics services, and ease of arranging competitively priced shipments can significantly improve the export from the logistics industry. Also by increasing manufacturing and agricultural value-added healthier outcomes can be obtained in global supply chain operations from the manufacturing industry.

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